Over a Hundred Centenarians Live in Sancti Spiritus

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Primary health care is the main scenario to improve the quality of life of the elderly. (Photo: Arelis García / Escambray)

One hundred and five persons aged over 100 years are currently living in Sancti Spiritus, the third province with the highest aging index in Cuba

For them, primary health care is the main scenario to improve the quality of life.

According to Dr. Maitée Pérez Corrales, head of the Section for Elderly People, Social Assistance and Mental Health at the Provincial Health Office, the actions aimed at the promotion of health care and rehabilitation are mostly addressed to this population and to the more than 98,000 people aged 60 years or more.

In this respect, periodic health examinations are carried out to fully evaluate the elderly and to determine their follow-up. In favor of the healthy aging of these people, social rehabilitation services, hairdressing, barber, podiatry, cultural, recreational, sports, occupational therapy, among others, are provided in social institutions, added Pérez Corrales.

In Sancti Spíritus, more than 44 000 older persons have joined grandparents’ circles, an experience that in Cuba promotes the practice of physical exercises, recreation and the strengthening of human and family relationships right from the community.

There are nine grandparents’ homes and eight nursing homes in this central Cuban territory, where life expectancy is 79.2 years thus posting challenges to primary and secondary health care.



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