Cuba Resumes Nomination Assemblies


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The nomination assemblies were started on September 4th in Cuba. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

The initial schedule to nominate candidates for delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power is being swiftly readjusted

Assemblies to nominate candidates for delegates to People’s Power bodies, held September 4-30, will continue across Cuba, following Hurricane Irma, as soon as conditions in each province allow.

Hurricane Irma has been a tough lesson for our people who, in just a few hours, have seen how that which has been built with our own efforts, was struck by a devastating natural phenomenon. Given the damage, the Electoral Commission and Civil Defense Councils in the majority of provinces and municipalities, have been obliged to undertake an assessment of the situation in each area.

The initial schedule for assemblies to nominate candidates for delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power is being swiftly readjusted.

In reorganizing assemblies, the lack of electric fluid, water, damage to homes and facilities, disruption to services, as well as changes imposed on the daily life of the population, among other causes, have been considered.

Although assemblies continued as planned in other territories, from September 6 to date, it has been necessary to suspend several meetings and reschedule them for the coming days, while a strategy for their successful continuation is currently being developed.

The quality of the electoral process must be guaranteed, with total adherence to the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba and Electoral Law No. 72, bearing in mind that nomination assemblies represent an important opportunity for voters, in the full exercise of their rights, to propose and nominate candidates based on their merits, abilities and commitment to the people.

The most important thing is to hold an electoral process which meets the country’s expectations and constitutes an expression of Cuba’s democratic system.

Despite severe damage to the economy and population in general, we trust, as always, in the support of our people.

National Electoral Commission

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