A Chicken Egg is News in Cabaiguán


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In the photo, the tiny egg when being measured and compared with two other eggs. (Photo taken from www.radiosanctispiritus.cu)

A 1.9cm tall egg laid by a hen in central Cuba is among the smallest eggs so far reported around the world

A resident of the municipality of Cabaiguán, central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus received a surprise when she found the extremely small egg laid by one of her chickens.

The woman was doing her daily task of collecting eggs in her backyard, when she found the tiny one. It was measured at just 1.9cm tall, the smallest so far reported in the region and one of the smallest in the world, for sure.

According to experts, the size of this teeny egg might have been influenced by factors such as the age of the chicken, the feed materials, and a stressful environment.

There are a few stories in Internet about tiny chicken eggs that have been considered as world records. Nevertheless, none of them has been awarded a Guinnes, because the Guinness World Records does not currently keep track of world’s smallest chicken eggs. Instead it considers the world’s smallest bird eggs.

Taken  from The Village of the Holy Spirit

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