The Village of the Holy Spirit Celebrates 502 Anniversary

Delia Proenza

The Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus, also known as the Village of the Holy Spirit, readies to celebrate the 502nd anniversary of its foundation next June 4 with different activities

The Village of the Holy Spirit Celebrates 502 Anniversary (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray)

According to the program organized by local authorities, the festivities will run from May 31 through June 4, including a gala performance at the Teatro Principal next Friday, and a solemn assembly on Saturday.

Serafin Sanchez Park, the boulevard area, and the Delio Luna Echemendia Agricultural Fair will be major venues for the celebrations, along with cultural institutions like museums, the Trova House, the Oscar Fernández Morera Art Gallery, and the provincial library.

Exhibitions, conferences, a colloquium on Sancti Spiritus Cultures, and the Fayad Jamis Provincial Poetry and Narrative Workshop are some of the event so far scheduled, which will be complemented with collateral activities like movie presentations and live concerts.

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