Raul Castro Supervises Actions to Face Hurricane Matthew

Cuban News Agency

President Raul Castro tours Cuban eastern provinces to review preparations being taken as hurricane Matthew approaches

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Cuban President Raul Castro arrived in westernmost province of Guantanamo to learn on site the preparations underway before the arrival of the powerful category four hurricane Matthew.

Raul, accompanied by Army Corps General Ramón Espinosa Martín, Cuba’s defense deputy minister, participated in the Provincial Civil Defense Council meeting, where he was informed that the contingency measures for this kind of event were implemented, to protect human lives and to reduce material losses as much as

A group of the member of the Council toured on Saturday the areas where the worse affectations might take place, especial in coastal areas, due to flooding by sea penetrations and heavy rains.

Raul inquired about the actions taken to keep the people timely informed, since in this province they are not used to face hurricanes, and don’t have a right perception of its dangers and magnitude.

The Civil Defense in Guantanamo is constantly broadcasting, both by radio and TV, especial programs teaching people what to expect, and how to act. At the same time, vehicles drive through the cities and towns with large speakers explaining the measures and the development of the storm.

During the meeting, Raul learned of the evacuation measures, since some 180 thousand people will have to move to schools and government facilities for shelter, since they live in areas that could be flooded or suffer mudslides.

¨Now the task is to get ready, to then work on the reconstruction, ¨ said Raul.

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