Popular Consultation to Debate the Future of Cuba

Cuban News Agency

The documents that came out of the 7th Cuban Communist Party Congress will be discussed among the population across the country until September 20th


Such discussion process marks a very important moment in the nation’s future that demands the effort and commitment of millions of people.

The members of the Communist Party, Young Communist League, representatives of grass roots organizations and a broad sector of
society are called to enrich and improve the projects of the Conceptualization of the Economic and Social Model in the Socialist Development of the country and the National Plan of Economic and Social Development until 2030: a proposal of the nation’s vision, ideas and strategic sectors.

Every person through different ways can give their ideas and recommendations in mass meetings before the end of the year and later
approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Party, as agreed on in the Congress and later by the National Assembly of the People’s Power

Its final approval and compliance will be part of the strategy left by the historic generation of the Revolution to those that will take over the country and will contribute to the consolidation and strengthening of the Revolution,in the Cuba that we desire and are committed to defend.

The Cuban leaders have insisted in the importance of such documents and relations among them; the Conceptualization because it expresses, with a vision to the future, the economic and social model that will result in the updating process; and the project of the National Plan of Economic and Social Development until 2030 given that it reveals its basis, whose compliance will contribute in reaching in a long run, the desired model.

This is an expression of interest for the people, including the Cuban professionals working abroad to not only be informed of its content but for it to be analyzed well, understood and for the population to make their own conclusions.The documents, revealed weeks ago are found in newsstands and in PDF format in Internet and social network.

It would be ideal to reach the assemblies well organized, in production and service centers, educational and research entities, military units, neighborhoods, and other areas, with a contribution of recommendations
already thought out to include in the documents, and why not?, doubts or
needs for certain concept or subject to be explained by the specialists that will be present in the mass meetings.

In order for this important political process, example of participatory democracy, the leadership of the Communist Party has proposed
organizing and planning the meetings well in each territory and base
organization, and above all has insisted in preparing those leading the
meetings to preside the debates, many of them professionals of economy.

The Young Communist League with its national committee has opened the debates in the country this past weekend.

Every idea, recommendation or modification of one or more chapters that are brought up by each person will be collected and their opinion will be respected on the changes he or she considers necessary referring the documents; the country is calling us to think, propose and construct a sovereign, independent, socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable nation.

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