Argentinean Government Disqualifies Doctors Graduated in Cuba

Cuban News Agency

In what has been considered another anti-popular measure, rightist president Mauricio Macri disqualified 380 medical doctors graduated in Cuba disregarding their impact on the people

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The announcement was made on Monday by Argentina’s Health minister Jorge Lemus by saying that they do not want more doctors from Cuba.

Lemus argued that Argentina counts on enough doctors to deploy its health system. However, observers say that the measures violates article four of an additional protocol of the Educational Cooperation Accord, signed by Cuba and Argentina in 2007.

The doctors that were affected were offering their services in the country’s less
favored areas, which will lead to a lack of medical doctors for the people who most need those services.

This measure follows other radical changes made by President Macri, such as the privatization of major state-owned communication companies.

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