Against the Odds, Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Elections

Cuban News Agency

Republican candidate Donald Trump received 276 electoral votes to upset Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidency of the United States

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Donald Trump won several key states to finish with a 60 vote lead over Hillary Clinton. (Photo: AP)

The new President-elect won several key states to finish with a 60 vote lead over Clinton, and will become the 45th President next January 20.

According to some reports Trump received over a million more popular votes than his rival, who sent him a congratulations message as soon as the results were known.

Victories in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin secured the win for the Republican candidate.

At the same time, the Republican party won the majority in the two chambers of the Congress.

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  1. Clinton won the popular vote. Americans are upset with the electoral college votes, many feel it does not accurately represent the desire of the American people.

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