Sancti Spiritus Experts Attend Cubagua 2015 Forum

Luis Herrera

Water resources specialists from Sancti Spiritus are in Havana to share their experiences in the 12th International Congress of Hydraulic Engineering and the 7th Seminar of Integral Use of Water, as part of the International Forum Cubagua 2015.

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The meetings, to take place June 9 through 13, are sponsored by the National Society Hydraulic Engineering of Cuba, which is affiliated to the National Union of Construction Architect and Engineering, the National Institute of Water Resources, and Chapingo Autonomous University in Mexico.

The event is also being attended by experts from several other countries who will be debating on the development of water resources, and the efficient use of water in areas such as tourism, agriculture, industry and the population.

The 12th International Congress of Hydraulic Engineering was convened to analyze important topics related with the supply of water, environmental sanitation, water quality and environmental protection, integral management of hydrographic basins and water works: economy, design and construction.

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