Russia, Cuba Sign Package of Cooperation Accords


The governments of Russia and Cuba signed six bilateral cooperation agreements in energetic, financial, metallurgical and pharmaceutical areas, aimed at signing the will of the two countries to strengthen ties in all fields.

Russia, Cuba Sign Package of Cooperation Accords. Photo: Roberto Ruiz.

Headed by Vice Presidents, Dmitri Rogozin and Ricardo Cabrisas, co-presidents of the Intergovernmental Commission, the ceremony included the signing of an agreement for the granting to the Cuban government of an export capital credit, to finance the modernization of the Jose Marti Iron and Steel plant.

Another agreement provided the granting of a loan to finance the construction of four generating units at the “Maximo Gomez” and “Este Havana” thermoelectric stations, in the island.

Both governments agreed to participate in the execution of the mentioned project, as they expressed in a separate agreement.

The energy ministries signed a protocol on the fuel marketing scheme saved after the implementation of the four blocks at the “Maximo Gomez” and “Este Havana” stations.

Similarly, Energoimport and Russian Inter RAO Export companies signed an agreement to expand the capacity of the Mariel and Santa Cruz thermoelectric stations, in a 200-megawatt block.

The parties also agreed on a cooperation agreement between the HEBER BIOTEC and PHARMACO companies, as a culmination of negotiations held this week in Moscow by a delegation headed by Cuban Vice President, Ricardo Cabrisas.

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