Online Interview: What Would You Like to Know about the Half-Millennium of Sancti Spiritus?


Yayabo village (Photo: Elisdany Lopez)On the eve of the 500th anniversary of its foundation, the renovated Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus readies for the celebrations to be held next June 4th, a date agreed upon for the purpose by local experts and authorities.

The existing dispute between Yayabo Village and Camaguey concerning the chronological order of their respective foundation dates, the arguments over the reconstruction of Serafin Sanchez Park, the value of the archaeological discoveries on this location, and the questionable coexistence of tradition and modernity are among the most controversial issues of the moment.

Due to the interest of locals, inside an outside Cuba, on the abovementioned matters, governmental authorities and experts from the Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage, will give an online interview from Escambray headquarters next Wednesday, May 21st.

Questions and comments from the audience will be received in Escambray from this Friday on.



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