USA Used Foreign Youths for Political Subversion against Cuba

Cuban News Agency

Youths from Venezuela, Costa Rica and Peru were sent to Cuba hopefully to encourage a rebellion. A new report by The Associated Press, published on Sunday, exposed a covert program hatched under the Obama administration consisting in sending Latin American youngsters to Cuba to encourage political subversion.

The anti-Cuba program came in the heels of the arrest in Havana of USAID contractor Alan Gross, which proves that such subversive programs did not stop after the incarceration of the US employee.
Taking advantage of the so-called assistance for health programs, the anti-Cuba initiative was launched in early October 2009, under the US Agency for International Development. Youths from Venezuela, Costa Rica and Peru were sent to Cuba hopefully to encourage a rebellion. They did undercover work as if they were tourists in an effort to identify people that could become political activists, according to AP.

With this aim in mind, the agents set up an HIV-Aids prevention workshop, which was a perfect excuse, but they were plagued with lack of competence and risks. Nearly a dozen Latin Americans were used in the program which paid them 5.41 dollars the hour.

The Associated Press proved that USAID and its contractor, Creative Associates International, continued with the subversive programs against Cuba although US officials had said that they were considering the suspension of trips to Cuba following the arrest of Alan Gross, who is serving a prison sentence in Cuba after he introduced illegal technology under the orders of the US administration.

This latest subversive action joins a previous one called Cuban Twitter Zunzuneo, launched by USAID in 2009 and reported by AP in April. USAID general inspector is investigating the program, which was ended in September 2012.

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