Serguey Torres Wins First Gold Medal for Cuba

Cuban News Agency

Serguey Torres reached the first gold medal for Cuba in the 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games, Veracruz 2014, by winning the canoeing final of the men’s C-1 1000 meters.

In competition held at the Canoeing Complex of the Mexican city of Tuxpan, the Cuban won with a time of 3: 48,705 minutes and was escorted by local Jose Cristobal Quirino (3: 53,640) and Colombian Sergio David (3: 53,880 ).

Previously, Jorge Garcia had won the first medal for Cuba in the multidisciplinary contest by arriving second in the men’s kayak event of K-1 1000m in closed contention with the host Jesús Valdés.

The Mexican Valdes won the gold medal in 3: 34,077 minutes, and was followed by Garcia (3: 34,116), and the Venezuelan José Ramos (3: 36,422).

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