Over 1 660 Children Receive Special Education in Sancti Spiritus

Tamara Rendón Portelles

After 52 years of their creation in Cuba, special education programs show successful results in Sancti Spiritus.

Before the triumph of the Revolution, children with physical or intellectual impairment were barely monitored by pedagogical institutions. At present moment, there are 13 of such facilities to follow up 1 666 children teenagers, and juveniles.

These students are classified into different specialities such as mental retardation, conduct disorders, vision defects, and autism, among several others.

Likewise, there are over 390 other students attending special circles in daycare facilities, the Educate your Son program, as well as those going to primary, secondary, and technical and vocational schools. Correctional institutions are also part of the special education.

Orientation and Assessment Centres, two homes for children without family support, and two hospital classrooms are also part of the special education institutions network in Sancti Spiritus.

According to Deisy Castillo Ibarra, head of the Special Education Department in the territory, 86 local children are permanently taught at their own homes. In all these houses are provided with blackboard, alphabet, Jose Marti bust, Cuban flag, so that the students feel comfortable enough during the teaching-learning process.

Over 50 able-to-work students graduated last year from special education schools in Sancti Spiritus. All of them were placed according to their training.

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