Cuba: Socialism Possible amidst Current World Crisis

Cuban News Agency

Cuba defended at the 20th Sao Paulo Forum, in Bolivia, the viability of Socialism amidst the current world crisis, which causes violence, instability, discontent and insecurity in many countries.

The secretary of the International Relations Department of the Cuban Communist Party, Idalmis Brooks, told PL news agency that a change in the world map has taken place since the beginning of the world crisis, due to the interests of the superpowers.

For Brooks, beyond its economic impact the change has led to social protests and conflicts in regions such as the Middle East, and has also favored a capitalist counteroffensive with marked strength in Latin America.

The official also addressed the current economic transformations in Cuba by saying that they are aimed at preserving the achievements in the areas of health, education and in the social role of women.

Cuba promotes the idea that integration-based processes in this part of the world must be marked by unity and mutual respect for differences.

“We are different nations with similar goals, so we will defend those principles at every forum.”

The Sao Paulo Forum will open with the Political School sessions, currently grouping 300 delegates from many left-wing parties attending the event in Bolivia.

Participants are analyzing the challenges posed on the regional integration process, the situation of their institutions, among other issues. The Forum will officially open Thursday, August 28 and will close on Friday.


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