Colloquium Greets 500 Foundation Anniversary of Trinidad


Cuban village of TrinidadThe 25th colloquium on Trinidad cultural history is underway from Thursday to Saturday, on occasion of the 500 foundation anniversary of the village of the Holy Trinity, to be celebrated next January 12.

During the forum, researches will discuss about topics linked to the history and culture of the first villages founded in Cuba.

Cuban Village of Trinidad Readies for 500th Anniversary

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Edeimys Fleites Lorenzo, from the Art and Culture Offices of Trinidad, several other papers will be presented referring to the impact of the village on the tourism area, and its contribution to the Cuban identity, among other relevant issues.

According to Caridad Pineda, member of the conference organizing committee, the event will be an appropriate framework to debate on the music, as well as on the tangible and intangible heritage owned by the first populations constituted in Cuba by Spaniards.

Taken from AIN and translated by Escambray

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