Sancti Spiritus Electoral Authorities Get Training Prior to Elections


Nearly 6 000 Sancti Spiritus residents are being trained to take part in next Sunday dynamic test and the February 3rd elections.


By Abel Reyes Montero *

The so called dynamic test is aimed at checking on the different stages of electoral procedure such as the flow of the information, and also the arrangements to be made in the different polling stations. The trial doesn’t include the pioneer students who will guard the ballot boxes, nor the rest of the population.

According to Orelbe Jacomino Ramos, president of the electoral commission in this territory, people and means will be activated since very early next Sunday so as to identify any adverse situation in due time.

This third and last stage of the electoral process has been supported with telephones, computers, and other necessary services to help the flow of information to the National Electoral Commission.

These days, the 25 candidates to Cuban Parliament and the 75 delegates to the Provincial Assembly of the People’s Power in Sancti Spiritus are holding meetings with workers, students and residents of the different local communities, with whom they exchange experiences about local and national socio-economic issues.

* Journalism student

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