Cuba Ready to Put New Migration Policy in Force

Cuban News Agency

Cuban Immigration authorities said that appropriate conditions have already been created in the country for the implementation of new legal regulations aimed at updating the island’s migration policy, to get in force January 14.

Such conditions guarantee the successful implementation of new measures, which will have a positive impact on the population by easing migratory procedures, said the authorities, cited by PL news agency.
According to the new regulations, passport applications can be made at local I.D. registration, or immigration offices throughout the country. Some 195 of those offices exist on the island, according to the national media. Although there’s been an increase in the number of passport applications, the service has developed appropriately.
The new measures announced on October 16, also eliminate the permit to travel abroad and the formerly required letter of invitation for this aim.
The migration update also extends the permit for Cuban citizens to stay out of the country from 11 to 24 months without losing their residence condition and allows the departure of youths under 18 years, prior authorization by their parents or legal representatives.
As to the Cubans living abroad, the regulations allow their visit to the island for a period of 90 days, 60 days more than what was previously established. Meanwhile, repatriation is another aspect considered for those who left Cuba for humanitarian reasons.


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