Cuba Condemns Announced Attack on Syria


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) of Cuba issued a statement on the recent views expressed by U.S. President Barack Obama about the decision to attack the Syrian Arab Republic.

The document released yesterday by local television states that the determination of the United States violates International Law and the UN Charter.

An attack on Syria will cause more death and destruction, and lead to the intensification of the conflict the Arab nation is suffering, the text says.

The MINREX made the call on members of the Security Council to comply with its mandate to prevent any breaking of peace and stop a military intervention that threatens international security in this volatile region of the world.

According to the document, Cuba states that the General Assembly, the only UN body representing all countries, also falls the responsibility to stop the aggression.

The Cuban statement urges the Assembly, exercising its powers, to meet urgently and take the necessary measures.

The call is extended to the Secretary General of the United Nations, to get involved directly and prevent acts that the White House President gave as almost inevitable facts.

The MINREX statement points out that the maximum UN official would correspond the conduction of urgent and vigorous diplomatic procedures in face of the U.S. government, to try to save the responsibility with peace and global stability.

The document remembers that the Group of 20 will meet in St. Petersburg, Russia, on September 5-6, an event in which many of the main leaders of the world will be present and where they could discuss with Obama on the created situation.

The text mentions the tens of thousands of U.S. youths who died in wars from Vietnam to date, and asks media to disclose those truths to the people, without tendentious manipulations.

The document also questions the decision the U.S. Congress will adopt on September 9 when an opinion on going to war or maintain world peace, a balance between opting for life or death, should be taken.

Cuba makes clear that if U.S. legislators follow the steps of British lawmakers, when rejecting the attempts of aggression announced by the president, would make a valuable contribution to world peace and its disputed political system.

According to the MINREX, if legislators approve Obama’s proposed warmongering conflict, they will have to bear the consequences to the relentless history records.

Havana also calls U.S. and global opinion leaders to prevent the law of the jungle prevail over sanity, launch illegal and illegitimate attacks against other countries, and attempt to replace diplomacy with war.

The document urges pacifist and religious leaders, youth, students, workers, artists, and intellectuals, social movements, progressive forces, and all those who reject the war, to mobilize against the decision to attack Syria.

In its statement, the MINREX also call to preserve sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of the Arab country, and the right to self-determination of its people, and promote the resolution of the conflict through diplomatic channels without further bloodshed.

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