Sancti Spiritus Immersed in Recovery Efforts (+photos)

Jose Luis Camellon

Sancti Spiritus evidences a work adderessed to the recovery of the socio-economic vitality, although prevalent affectations will need more time and resources to be solved.

After the heavy rains hitting Sancti Spiritus (in the central region of Cuba) for several days, which created a complex situation of lack of communication, rapid increase in the volume of the reservoirs and severe flooding, the province showed at the end of the weekend a work adderessed to the recovery of the socio-economic vitality, although prevalent affectations will need more time and resources to be solved.

The Provincial Defense Council on Sunday night urged to intensify the work and the level of solutions to the many problems caused by this climatic adversity.

“We need to work harder, the damages are so large that delays can not be admitted,” noted Jose Ramon Monteagudo, president of Sancti Spiritus Defense Council; “we have to find a solution for every harm,” he said.

The resumption of the rice crop in the areas of the Complex Sur del Jibaro stands out among the more immediate responses of the territory and, at the end of the past weekend, grain cuts were reported in various units of the state and cooperative sector and farmers.

During the evaluation of the Provincial Defense Council, it was known that the territory may recover by mid-week the rates of the production of milk intended for this stage, define strategies to reprogram the planting of various crops and begin to reverse the situation of the urban agriculture, which reports damages in more than the 40 percent of the beds.

Specific monitoring is given to dams, due to their high volumes of water, hence the top leaders of Water Resources in Sancti Spiritus, reported that there is stability in the parameters and the status of reservoirs while cataloguing of favorable their situation in the province.

Zaza dam, the largest in Cuba, has lowed its volume on Sunday to 887 million cubic meters of water, the 89% of its normal capacity, while four gates of the spillway were closed and other two maintained in operation, a strategy that allows, according to specialists, to work with the dam in accordance with the current level of runoff.

Sectors such as communications and the electric industry achieved progress in the recovery of damages, while roads remain in an adverse situation with 40 km damaged as well as some bridges and culverts.

Up to Sunday a dozen rural communities remained isolated, mainly due to breakdown of the access roads, while some work is being done to solve the problems in the supply of water, with the major focus on Trinidad and in the community of Los Tramojos in Taguasco.

The assistance to more than 6 000 residents of the communities located downstream Zaza’s Dam, who are evacuated since Friday in Sancti Spiritus, is another priority at this stage of recovery.

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