Jose Maria Vitier to Perform Friday in Sancti Spiritus


Cuban renowned pianist and composer Jose Maria Vitier will perform this April 6th at Sancti Spiritus’s Oscar Fernandez Morera Art Gallery. This will be the second concert of his current national tour.

Escambray was confirmed on the performance of the musician who has written the music for popular Cuban television series like En silencio ha tenido que ser, El regreso de David, Julito el pescador and Día y noche, some of them composed together with his brother, guitar player Sergio Vitier.

Scheduled for conclusion next April 14th, the third tour of the pianist, who also wrote the music for the renowned Fresa y chocolate film, was started last March 18th in the Concert Hall of the Havana’s former Casino Español, and will include shows in Villa Clara, Camagüey, Artemisa and Mayabeque.





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