FITCUBA 2012: Tourism Essential for Cuban Economy


With the election of the tourist industry as a fundamental link in Cuban economy this sector shows high levels and, most importantly, potentials of annual growth, dictated by balance and excellence.
Such criteria, sustained by the main executives of this sphere in the country, mainly with regard to the celebration in Cayo Santa Maria, of the 32nd International Tourism Fair FITCUBA 2012 (8-11 of May).

The main recreational market of the nation accumulates new followers every year between the turoperators, travel agents, hotelkeepers, people in charge of airlines and other fields.

That philosophy to grow in this sector, was reiterated by Cuban Tourism Minister, Manuel Marrero, during the meeting.

Marrero said that the country received more than 1.24 million international tourists, for a 5.2 percent of rise compared to the identical period of 2011.

He said that the arrivals of travellers grow as it is the case of Canada, with six percent, France with 9.6 percent or Argentina, which data increased in 50 percent, a nation to which the Fair is now dedicated.

In addition he congratulated the trips of emergent issuers like: Russia, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Holland, Colombia or Brazil, among others. He explained that the trips from United Kingdom, Italy and Spain decrease, because of the economic crisis.

During 2011 in Cuba five hotels were opened with 1,537 rooms, and 1,639 received total repair, to offer a greater comfort to the visitors.

The authorities bought 315 buses and 3, 652 cars for rental.

The island now has 58,626 rooms, of which 63 percent is of categories four and five stars, with 71 percent destined to the vacation tourism plan Sol y Playa (Sun and Beach) and 23 percent to urban tourism, in addition to a two percent for nature tourism.

For the greater efficiency 30 joint ventures operate more than 6,000 rooms.

There is a total of 62 contracts of administration and commercialization with 13 foreign hotel chains, taking care of 47.4 percent of the rooms in operations.

The construction of new hotel facilities in the keys of the north of the central province of Villa Clara, in Ciego de Ávila and in eastern Camagüey and Cayo Largo, are still in the plan.

On the other hand, Trinidad, Baracoa, Bayamo, Santiago of Cuba, Cienfuegos and Havana, have plans to increase five stars new hotels. Marines, golf courses, remodeling of airports and increases in the highway network constitute other elements in progress.

Marrero said that the previous year they operated in 40 airlines and 33 charters companies.

In addition there are 1,618 private restaurants and 5, 207 rooms in that same ranks .

He stressed that the north keys of Villa Clara, host for FITCUBA, counts on 5,507 rooms of four and five stars of a plan of another extra 47, 837 rooms.

That plan is scheduled until 2030 in charge of the Gaviota Group, owner of the 30.7 percent of the rooms in the entire island of Cuba.

Taken From Prensa Latina

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