Experts for Protection of Rivers, Littorals in Sancti Spiritus

Mary Luz Borrego

Experts on environmental issues have recommended that actions must be immediately taken in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, in order to protect rivers and littoral zones.

They have advised to foster reforestation in the area with more suitable species, a fact that will protect the soil from erosion while acting as a regulatory screen against floods.

The recommendation is mainly addressed to Zaza, Agabama, Jatibonico del Norte and Jatibonico del Sur, Tuinucu and Yayabo rivers, as well as to many of the territory’s water reservoirs.

Reforestation actions have been also suggested for both littorals, which should be provided with a sort of cushioning zone with plants that can prevent the soil from salinization and regulate the influx of the sea water.

This kind of alert is included in the multimedia research work entitled “Estudio territorial de peligro, vulnerabilidad y riesgo ante fuertes vientos, intensas lluvias y penetraciones del mar causantes de inundaciones” (“Territorial study of danger, vulnerability and risk in the event of strong winds, heavy rains and penetrations of the sea water, which can give rise to floods”, by Luis Antonio Catalá, Osmany Ceballo and Samuel Reina Calvo.

In Cuba, the risks posed by flooding are worsen by the presence of tropical hurricanes and other extreme meteorological phenomena.

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