Evo Morales Signs Mercorsur Membership Protocol

Radio Havana Cuba

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales signed on Friday a protocol for his country to become full member of the South Common Market (Mercosur), during a summit of the regional bloc, held in Brasilia.Addressing the summit, Morales reiterated his country’s grounds to be part of the bloc and recalled that Bolivia used to be submitted to the International Monetary Fund, which maintained an office at the government palace, but that situation was radically changed.

Bolivia looks forwards to joining regional markets first and later other markets around the world, said the head of state.

Deputy Foreign Trade minister Pablo Guzman told reporters that Bolivia will take part of all Mercosur meetings with a right to express its opinions, and later with a right to vote, once the congresses of the bloc’s member states approve it.

There is no impediment for Bolivia to be full Mercosur member state and maintains its status the Andean Community of Nations.

Mercosur was created in 1991, and it is currently made up of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and Paraguay, which was temporarily suspended after the ousting of constitutional president Fernando Lugo.

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