Daniel Ortega to Take Over Presidency this Tuesday


International delegations and thousands of Nicaraguans on Tuesday will attend the presidential inauguration of Daniel Ortega and Vice President Omar Halleslevens, winners with over 62 percent of votes in the recent general elections.
On Monday night, lots of people, mostly youths, offered a preview of the popular festival, when they gathered outside the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) to witness the delivery of credentials to both politicians for the November 6 victory at the polls.

According to Rosario Murillo, coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, at least 8,000 citizens will have the possibility to attend the inauguration at the capital’s Revolution Square.

For the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), Ortega’s reelection represents the commitment to continue the Christian, Socialist and Solidarity project undertaken five years ago, to seek economic development with social justice, Murillo said.

In a message to the people, broadcast on Channel 4, Murillo reiterated the desire to strengthen and expand over the coming five years “all programs representing improvements in the lives of the Nicaraguan families.”

Heads of State and Governments, prime ministers, foreign ministers, special envoys and other officials invited to the presidential inauguration have arrived in Managua over the past few hours.

In accordance with the law, the CSE on Monday conducted the swearing of 90 legislators elected on November 6, who elected the first executive board of the Legislative Period during the constitutive session of the National Assembly.

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