Cuban Communists’ First National Conference Concluded


President Raul Castro, first secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party (PCC) Central Committee, presided over the closing session of the PCC 1st National Conference at Havana Convention Center this Sunday.

More than 800 delegates approved reports drafted by four commissions and a resolution on the goals of the Party’s work, previously discussed in the two-day meeting. From the start, the communists concentrated on discussing the fulfillment of the April 2011 PCC’s 6th Congress economic guidelines, among other top issues.

The communists concentrated from the start on discussing their links with the population and the mass organizations, the membership policy, fulfillment of the April 2011 PCC’s 6th Congress economic guidelines and the PCC role in fighting corruption and crime.

In his opening speech of the conference, PCC Second Secretary Jose Ramon Machado Ventura defined the meeting as space to share the criteria and suggestions from hundreds of thousands of PCC members, whom he called to turn the ideas assembled from the grassroots into their agendas along efforts to guarantee their implementation towards improving Cuba’s economic model in line with the accords of the 6th Congress. (Taken from PL).

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