Chavez Announces Return to Havana for New Surgery

Radio Havana Cuba

During a meeting of the Venezuelan Council of Ministers, President Hugo Chavez announced his return to Cuba on Sunday to submit himself to a surgical procedure after new cancerous cells were detected in the same body area where a tumor was withdrawn last year.

Hugo Chavez explained on national radio and television that during a recent treatment in Havana the doctors detected the appearance of the cancerous cells and suggested he should undergo surgery, the Venezuelan news agency reported.
President Chavez asked the National Parliament for permission to travel to Cuba and he expressed his hope in his recovery.

During his absence, vice-president Nicolas Maduro will be in charge of the government.

Venezuelans Express Solidarity with their President

Venezuelans sent hundreds of messages of solidarity and encouragement to President Hugo Chavez following his message on TV, on Saturday night,  that he would travel to Cuba for a new cancer surgery. In expression of support of their president Venezuelans from all walks of life will gather in all Bolivar Plazas throughout the country on Sunday.

Twitter was full of messages, such as the struggle continues and Venezuela is on your side, Chavez is not only the Venezuelan president but a world leader, freedom and equality can only last if they are real, the Merciful Almighty will protect you to fight this new battle, and many others with hashtag #PalanteComandante.

Meanwhile, Communications and Information minister Ernesto Villegas called on all Venezuelans to gather on Sunday in all Bolivar Plazas throughout  the country to express their solidarity with President Chavez AVN news agency reported.

The Bolivarian President announced on Saturday that he has to submit himself again to surgery after medical examinations revealed the reappearance of cancerous cells in the same body area where a tumor was withdrawn in 2011.







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