U.S. Asks to Reject Appeals for Ramon and Fernando


The U.S. government has requested that the South District Court of Florida reject the collateral appeals for Ramón Labañino and Fernando González. The alleged motivation for this interference is that the arguments put forward by both Labañino and Gonzalez lack the legal credit to be considered by the court.  The defense is expected to present its reply to the motion next year.

The U.S government claims that the paying of local reporters in Miami, before and during the trial against the Five, to write articles that biased the jury and created a hostile atmosphere for the Five did not constitute a violation of the process. Likewise, the other arguments in the appeal are to be rejected by the judge.

The appeal for Ramón Labañino was presented on August 8ththis year and Fernando González’s appeal was presented on September 12th. The defense is expected to present its reply to the motion at the beginning of next year, as well as the paperwork for the process of appeal that will be presented to the court. The judge will then make a decision on the appeals.  (RHC)

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