Trinidad’s Hotel Restoration Moves Forward


by Enrique Ojito Linares

The repairing of La Ronda Hotel in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, which is considered the major investment in the tourism constructive scenario within the province, has come to reality.

The reopening of the tourism facility, located in Trinidad’s main square, is scheduled for next year. Resources are available to guarantee the restoration’s executive plan for the 17-room hotel.

The recently started executive stage involves the culmination of the works to provide power supply as well as sanitation and hydraulics. Air conditioning and water service will follow. First stage was aimed at the architecture and the roof.

A census on nearby properties was taken in order to analyze the possibility of duplicating the number of rooms in the hotel.

La Ronda will now be run by Hoteles Encanto Chain, a project developed by the Tourism Ministry to restore facilities with heritage values in Cuba’s main historic squares.

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