Marked Rehabilitation Actions in Trinidad Hotel


by Enrique Ojito Linares

Capital reparation of La Ronda Hotel in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, is one of the most important constructive actions carried out by the Tourism sector in the Cuban central province.

Local constructors labor until late hours to make the current stage of the investment more agile. The work in bathrooms, the carpentry and the activities in the energetic location have been given a major boost.

More than 100 men have been responsible for the rehabilitation of the main façade and the facility laterals.

The general reconstruction of La Ronda Hotel, with 17 rooms-to-be, is also possible thanks to the support offered by workers from Granma province, in Eastern Cuba.

Of Neoclassic style, specifically from the 19th and 20th centuries, the hotel will be a 4 star and is located on Jose Marti Street, near to Cespedes Park.

Translated by Escambray

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