Int’l Jazz Plaza Festival 2011 Ended in Cuba


The 27th International Jazz Plaza Festival 2011 concluded on Sunday night at Havana’s Mella Theater with the performances of maestro Frank Fernandez and Joaquin Betancourt’s Jazz Band.

This year the event was dedicated to the influence of classic music on jazz and the list of guests included renowned artists such as pianist Arturo O’Farrill, from the United States, and Cuban Gonzalo Rubalcaba, who had not performed in the country for almost nine years.

The sessions of the Seventh Theoretical Colloquium, which took place in parallel with the Festival, were held at the ALBA Cultural House in Havana with discussions on legendary figures lie Leo Brouwer and Chico O’Farrill.

During the festival, the Cuban Musical Recording and Publishing Company (EGREM) launched two of its most recent productions: “Sax y Pimienta” by Habana Sax, and ˜Despues de la lluvia” by Juan Kemell and La Barriada.

The event’s program also included performances by local musicians such as Bobby Carcasses, Harold Lopez Nussa, Alexis Bosc and the Cuban Jazz Project, among others.

Artists from the United States, Austria, Poland, India, and Canada participated in the annual festival.

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