Cubans Honor Medical Students Murdered 140 Years Ago


by Prensa Latina

The students marched from the historic University of Havana down on the popular San Lazaro Street and up to the mausoleum of the eight medical students, where wreaths were laid, including those sent by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro and President Raul Castro.

Before the march started, the demonstrators paid tribute to the founder of the University Student Federation (FEU) and of the first Cuban Marxist and Leninist party, Julio Antonio Mella.

FEU Vice-President Lisara Corona addressed the crowd to recall that the eight medical students killed in 1871 represent an example to follow by young generations, while such an atrocious act will never again happen in Cuba.

Corona said the homage expresses the support by the youth of the Cuban Revolution,  Fidel and Raul and the upcoming National Conference of the Communist Party.

The student leader said that the march is also an action of support for the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in the U.S. who, like those medical students, were the victims of the enemies of the independence, sovereignty and self determination of the Cuban people.

The march was accompanied by the music band of the Cuban Revolutionary armed forces, and presided over by the flags of the Republic of Cuba and the Young Communist League.

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