Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Readies for May Day


by Xiomara Alsina Martínez

As the International Labor Day is approaching Sancti Spiritus workers, in central Cuba, prepare numerous activities to celebrate the date taking into account the social and economic achievements, the society developments and the defense tasks on each territory.

May Day Commemorations have initiated in 34 communities in the central province since April 22nd to honor three great Cuban Union leaders: Lazaro Peña Gonzalez, Jesús Menendez and Jose Maria Perez.

Interviewed by Escambray, Alcides Orellana, Sancti Spiritus member of the Central Organization of Cuban Workers Secretariat, said that unions in the province will celebrate the International Workers Day especially motivated with the recently ended 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party and the 50th Anniversary of Playa Giron.

More than 140 000 workers in Sancti Spiritus will parade in representation of the 18 national unions. The celebration will include family members and friends who will devoutly vote for the continuity of Socialism in Cuba. The activities in the province are scheduled to begin at 7:30 am on Sunday.

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