Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus Rid of Drought


by Luis Herrera

Recently heavy rains availed the central Cuban territory of Sancti Spiritus get rid of the hydrological and hydraulic drought, except for the municipality of Trinidad which should take urgent measures to solve the problem.

Nevertheless, local authorities call to rationally use water taking into consideration the elevated costs of fuel and chemical products needed in the drinkable water production process.
Local water reservoirs stocks have gone up to 71 per cent of their overall capacity and they accumulate 550, 000 000m³ over what was reported by this time last year.
Cuba’s largest water reservoir Zaza dam reached 709, 000 000m³ while other five (Tuinucu, Siguaney, Banao, Aridanes and Higuanojo) are full.
Heavy rains are not forecasted for the near future in this central territory of the island. Thus, urgent measures need to be adopted in Trinidad until the government can afford to solve the problem there.

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