Crashed Plane Flight Recorder Device and Voice Box Found


by Mary Luz Borrego

The flight recorder device and the voice box have been already found in the disaster area, both of which constitute key elements to unveil the causes of the air crash reported this Thursday in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus. Meanwhile, authorities continue the investigations as well as the rescue of the bodies.

Sancti Spiritus Chief Attorney Rolando Díaz Vergel, who has stayed in the accident location since last night, also said that nine bodies have been so far found which are being sent to Havana’s Legal Medicine Institute for identification.

“The passEngers were burned to death, except for two who were found in the rear area of the plane. None of the bodies have been reported as disappeared. Much luggage was also found in this area of the aircraft. It seems that passEngers didn’t have time to react at all because they were charred right on their seats. This fact might help the identification procedure”.

“The location is quite a hostile one, with very thick vegetation. Human remains have been found on the tree branches maybe due to the impact of the plane on the ground. Right after the impact, a huge combustion took place followed by other small explosions –due to the high temperatures- of the closed accessories present in every aircraft, the tires and even the human skulls. Everything was set on fire”.

“Different versions on the tragedy exist among the residents of the neighborhood, who mobilized immediately to offer their assistance and informed local authorities. The plane fell on its belly. The rear rudder was the first item damaged; it is one of the three kinds of control devices this type of airplanes feature and it’s found next to the tail section. The wings, the main body and the Engines were all burned down. Only a few parts like the tail were not that charred”.

“There wasn’t any bad weather around here. There are still some of the plane’s component parts to be found like a section of the rear rudder. Cuban Civil Aviation workers still investigate the cause of the accident”, concluded Díaz Vergel.

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