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Sancti Spiritus Hosts Technology Fair La Guayabera 5.0

With the donation of four important guayaberas from renowned personalities, the Technology Fair Guayabera 5.0 was started this Thursday in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba

Sancti Spiritus: The Other Bridge over Yayabo River (+photos)

The “balneario” bridge and surrounding areas are being improved prior to the 502 anniversary of the village next June 4th

Sancti Spiritus’s Yayabo River Cleaned Up on Occasion of 500th Anniversary

For the last few months, and within the framework of the 500th foundation anniversary celebrations of the Holy Spirit Village, sanitation actions have been carried out at Yayabo River.

Sancti Spiritus Heritage Sites Nominated for National Prize

Sancti Spiritus’s Guairo and Padre Quintero Streets were returned to their original cobblestone condition with the contribution of local residents.

Sancti Spiritus’s Llano Street: Back to Local Identity

The Llano Street, found in the old area of Sancti Spiritus, slopes down to the Yayabo River. This is the road preferred by many people, including tourists, to get in touch with a peace of the urban historic center of the village, which was granted the title of National Monument in 1978.

Rainfall Refuses to Stop in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Taking into consideration the way in which rainfalls have behaved in Sancti Spiritus during recent days, it might seem that this central Cuban territory was chosen by nature for a sort of rain test.

Preventive Measures, Dam Monitoring Recommended in Sancti Spiritus

Water reservoirs continue to be constantly monitored in Sancti Spiritus in accordance with indications from the Provincial Defense Council. This body also recommended not to interrupt the adopted measures in order to prevent human or material damages.

Sancti Spiritus: Yayabo River Level Rose Sharply (+photos)

After almost ten year time, the central Cuban territory of Sancti Spiritus has been again impacted by heavy rainfalls which led to the most spectacular ever remembered filling up of the local Zaza dam, Cuba’s largest water reservoir.

Sancti Spiritus Most Impacted by Heavy Rains in Cuba (+photos)

The central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus was confirmed as the island’s most impacted by the latest heavy rain territory. It was such determined in a meeting of the Provincial Defence Council held this Friday, which was presided over by Major General Ramon Pardo Guerra, head of the National Civil Defence in Cuba.

Over 1 300 People Evacuated in Sancti Spiritus because of Heavy Rains (+photos)

The evacuation of over a thousand people had been already carried out this Friday morning in the central Cuban territory of Sancti Spiritus, due to the heavy rains that have been affecting the territory since last May 22nd.

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