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Pope Francis Celebrates First Mass in Cuba (+photos)

Pope Francis celebrates his first mass in Cuba at Havana’s emblematic Jose Marti Revolution Square, with the attendance of President Raul Castro, religious authorities, members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the island, believers, and tens of thousands of people encouraged to listen to the message of hope sent by …»

Pope Francis Starts Significant Visit to Cuba

Pope Francis arrived in Cuba on his tenth trip abroad, which also includes a visit to the United States, where it will be until September 27th. The Alitalia flight AZ4000 that brought him from Rome touched Cuban soil at 15:51 local time with flags of the Vatican and Cuban waving …»

Cuba Awaits Pope Francis Arrival

This Saturday afternoon, after being officially welcomed at Havana’s Jose Marti Airport by Cuba’s highest governmental authorities, Pope Francis, the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church and Head of State of Vatican City, will start a pastoral visit that has raised great expectation between both believers and nonbelievers, and that …»

Pope Francis to Share Faith and Hope with Cubans

I’m coming to visit you to share faith and hope, said Pope Francis in a video-message to the people of Cuba, aired by Cuban television. His Holiness, the first Latin American Pope, stressed the impetus of Cubans in the face of everyday difficulties and said that his knowing of this …»

Cuba Television to Broadcast Pope Francis Message to the Cuban People

Cuban television information system will broadcast this September 17th a message sent by Pope Francis to the Cuban people, on occasion of his upcoming visit to the island, it was officially informed. The message will be transmitted at 20:30 local time as part of the broad information so far released …»