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US Against Chemical Attack Investigation, Syrian President Says

Bashar al-Assad told Russia’s Sputnik News that Syria had formally requested inquiries on an alleged chemical attack on a town in Idleb province

New US Attack on Syria Kills Hundreds

Hundreds of people were killed in Syria after an airstrike this Wednesday by US-led coalition’s warplanes

U.S. Government Launches Cruise Missiles on Syria

The United States launched some 50 cruise missiles on Syrian military installations, international media reported in the early hours of Friday, April 7

Syria Delegation Meets with Opposition in Geneva

Representatives of the Syrian government and the foreign-backed opposition have met briefly in the Swiss city of Geneva amid heated differences.

United Nations Cancels Iran Invitation to Syria Talks

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has rescinded his invitation to Iran to participate in the forthcoming international conference aimed at achieving a political solution to the Syrian crisis under pressure from the United States.

Russian FM Praises Victory of Talks over Force in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov highlighted that the development of events in Syria during 2013 constitutes an example of how policy in favor of peaceful methods is more effective than the use of force.

Pope Francis Promotes Aid Mission for Syrian Children

The Holy See presented a new program, Healthcare Mission for Syrian Child Refugees in Lebanon, promoted by Pope Francis, Radio Vatican announced.

Russia Warns on Plans to Hinder Syrian Chemical Disarmament

Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov reiterated Russia’s warning against possible attempts by Syrian armed opposition groups to hinder the destruction of the country’s chemical arsenal and thereby reopen the way to a military intervention.

Syrian Authorities Say No Dialogue with Armed Terrorists

Syrian authorities have expressed on behalf of the Syrian people that there will be no dialogue with armed terrorists, either at the Geneva II summit or afterwards, due to the huge suffering they have caused the country.

UN Security Council Passes Resolution on Syria

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution that establishes the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons and recognizes the political solution to the conflict, but leaves the doors opened for implementing measures of force.

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