Cuba’s Commitment to Human Rights: Dignity for All

In the 19th century José Martí stated, “I want the first law of our Republic to be the Cuban people’s commitment to the full dignity of humankind,” a phrase that appears in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba. It is not by chance, therefore, that the revolutionary process on »

Human Rights: The Best Evidence

You wake up. You wear your uniform from Monday to Friday. You take your books and your snack, and then your mother goes with you to school. On the way, your  little brother is taken to where he plays with other children. No matter if there are no toys, the »

Cuban Youth, Students Celebrate Human Rights National Day

Young people from all over Cuba started the commemoration of the National Day for Human Rights in schools, parks and main squares of each province, which will last until December 10th. According to Pedro Ortega, from the National Committee of the Young Communist League, the activities include presentations of children’s »