Sancti Spíritus

National Tourism is Third Source Market in Sancti Spiritus

Despite economic restrictions faced by a great deal of Cubans, over 41 870 national tourists were reported to have visited local hotels this year. So, at present moment, domestic market is considered third, behind Germany and France, taking into consideration the number of visitors. According to Gean Trocones Duran, from …»

Sancti Spiritus Helps Recovery of Telephone Service in Guantanamo

Telecommunication Company (ETECSA) workers from Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, arrived in Eastern Guantanamo to contribute to the recovery of the considerable damages caused to such services by Hurricane Matthew. According to Misladys González, head of the Marketing and Communication group of that Company, these workers left Wednesday along with several …»

Cyclone Alert for Matthew in Yaguajay, Sancti Spiritus

Due to the large area of clouds, rain and tropical storm winds, hurricane Matthew is likely to affect the northern coast of the Cuban central provinces. That’s why, the Civil Defense National Staff issued and informative note which established the cyclonic alert phase from three in the afternoon on Tuesday …»