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National Fair of Cuban Zebu Cattle Kicks Off in Sancti Spiritus

Many of the animals on exhibit  will be also participating in the different competitive shows of the contest

Sancti Spiritus Announces Selling of Custom-Made Guayaberas

El Artesano workshop, from Zaza del Medio, aims to conquer national and international market with the commercialization of guayabera shirts

Cruise Ships Show Growing Interest in Casilda, Cuba

Trinidad tourist destination is currently distinguished by the increasing presence of cruise ships that arrive in this port as part of a tour that includes several Cuban southern territories

Sancti Spiritus Welcomed Livestock Winter Fair

The Delio Luna Echemendia Fair Center hosted the exhibition which was attended by hundreds of local visitors as well as people from nearby provinces

Archeological Discovery at Sancti Spiritus Serafin Sanchez Park (+photos)

Important discovery was made in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus

Sancti Spiritus Electromechanical Plant in Havana International Fair

After a rigorous evaluation of the products presented in the most important trade event of the island, FIHAV 2013, the Escambray Electromechanical Factory, located in the mountain community of El Pedrero, debuted with a list of goods destined for the Tourism branch and other units of the Food Industry. Disposable plastic plates, glasses of 8 […]

Fidel’s Birthday Celebrated in Sancti Spiritus

Children and elders celebrated the 87th birthday of Fidel, guidance and historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Caged Tilapia Fish Stands Out in Sancti Spiritus

Caged tilapia fish is currently regarded as one of the most sustainable lines within the aquaculture business in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba.

Cuba: Ministry of Domestic Trade Boosts Sales to Non-State Area

Cuban Ministry of Domestic Trade has for the first time earmarked over 30 000 000 pesos budget to purchase tools and raw material from overseas, in order to push self-employment in the island.

White Cement Production Stable in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Sancti Spiritus’s Siguaney cement factory reports stable levels of production of white cement this year.

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