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More than 10 600 Homes Affected by Hurricane Irma in Sancti Spiritus

In Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, measures are being taken to define the priorities and organize the process of delivery of resources to the more than 10 600 families who until this Friday had reported damages resulting from the passage of Hurricane Irma. According to information provided by Noel Carballo, head of the subgroup in charge […]

Candidate Nomination Process Kicks Off in Sancti Spiritus

In the 646 constituencies of the province, the nomination assemblies will continue until September 30th

Without time for reading?

Although for the so-called library rats the pleasure of reading is still an unequalled option, current generations prefer to see audiovisuals and read texts in digital support. Many people consider that nowadays almost no one reads, that is why Escambray explored on how much local residents are used to reading,  a habit that normally begins […]

Sancti Spiritus Elects 607 Delegates in First Round of Elections

607 delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power were elected in the first round of the mid-term elections carried out in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, this April 19th.

Sancti Spiritus Countryside People Vote for Cuba

Over 19 600 residents of mountainous areas in Sancti Spiritus are expected to exercise their right to vote this April 19th.

Elections in Cuba: Polling Stations Open in Sancti Spiritus (+photos)

Many residents of Sancti Spiritus were out in the streets before sunrise in order to exercise their right to vote, with which they will elect the delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power. Being guarded by pioneer students, the 1 020 polling stations of this central Cuban territory opened doors at 7:00 AM […]

Sancti Spiritus: Greater Presence of Women, Youth in Nominating Assemblies

The number of women and youth candidates nominated for the position of delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power has been reported as greater this year in Sancti Spiritus.  

Sancti Spiritus Provincial Electoral Commission Constituted

The Provincial Electoral Commission (CEP, in Spanish), was constituted this Thursday in the central province of Sancti Spiritus, prior to the upcoming partial election process to be carried out next April 19th.

Sancti Spiritus Residents Gather in Local Plazas on May Day (+photos)

The main squares of the eight municipalities of Sancti Spiritus, are already crowded with thousand workers, farmers, students and people in general, all dressed in the colors of the Cuban flag, for the celebration of the International Workers’ Day. The parade was started at 7:30 A.M. after the opening speech delivered by Domingo Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, […]

Sancti Spiritus Residents to Demonstrate on May Day

Residents of Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, will take to the streets and plazas to reaffirm our sovereignty and independence, and to support the economic and social transformations underway in the country, said Domingo Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, secretary general of the Cuban Workers’ Trade Union in the territory. It is expected that over 120 000 locals will […]

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