Sancti Spiritus Begins Vaccinating Students against COVID-19

Like in the rest of Cuba, the immunization of students was started Friday, September 3rd, in Sancti Spiritus with the anti-COVID Abdala vaccine

vaccination in pediatric ages in sancti spiritus
A nurse administers the inyection to a girl student in one of the vaccination sites arranged in some of the schools. (Photo: Salud Sancti Spiritus / Facebook).

The first dose of the Cuban-developed Abdala vaccine began to be administered on Friday, September 3rd, to students in the last year of the pre-university education, technical-professional schools and those in the third and fourth year of the pedagogical training schools in Sancti Spiritus.

According to Dr. Mirta Santos León, deputy director of Medical Assistance at the Provincial Board of Health, about 540 teachers have been also included in this vaccination schedule.

As explained last Monday in the Mesa Redonda TV program by Health Ministry oficial Dr. María Elena Soto Entenza, this mass intensive immunization process will follow the Abdala vaccine scheme: a first dose, a second one 14 days after and the last one after 28 days of the initial dose.

The rest of the children under 18 years of age will be vaccinated as informed by the country’s top health authorities. From September 5 to November 5, those aged 12-18 will get Soberana 02 and a dose of Soberana Plus as reinforcement. From September 15 to November 15 the same scheme will be used with children from two to eleven years old.

Dr. Soto also said that the vaccination of COVID-19 convalescent children has been planned to take place as of September, as well as the one for those alergic to thiomersal.

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