Attacks on Those Who Defend the Re-Establishment of US-Cuba Relations are Unacceptable, Cuba FM Says

Bruno Rodriguez condemns attacks on those who seek normalization of US-Cuba relations

cuba foreign minister bruno rodríguez parrilla
Bruno Rodríguez has repeatedly denounced the actions carried out by people who are against CUBA-USA normal relations. (File photo / Granma).

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez on Thursday described attacks on those who defend the re-establishment of US-Cuba relations as unacceptable.

On Twitter, the Cuban foreign minister posted that ”harassment, racist and homophobic foul language at U.S. citizens who support the ¨Let Cuba Live¨ request should embarrass alleged human rights defenders in the United States and Europe”.

Cuba is under constant siege from abroad, from a hatred campaign financed and orchestrated from its neighboring country that seeks to interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs under the guise of an alleged ”humanitarian intervention”.

Puentes de Amor promoter Carlos Lazo has often condemned the attacks on participants of a protest walk that started from Miami to Washington D.C.

Over 400 artists, politicians, intellectuals, and activists around the world have recently sent a letter to President Biden asking for the end of the U.S. blockade and the unilateral coercive sanctions on Cuba.

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