July 27, 2021

Sancti Spiritus Works in Gradual Transition to Recovery in Educational Area

The preparation of the different school activities is essential for the coherent transition towards recovery in every territory

education authorities in sancti spiritus
education authorities in sancti spiritus
Education authorities exchange ideas on the strategies for the closure of the 2019-2020 academic year. (Photo taken from http://www.radiosanctispiritus.cu).

Educational authorities from Sancti Spiritus, central Cuban province, are currently involved in preparing the gradual transition to recovery in the different phases of the post COVID-19 strategy.

In the eight municipalities of the territory, actions are focused on the training of the personnel, the control of the recommended hygienic-sanitary measures, as well as the reorganization of every teaching facility prior to the reopening of the school year next September, said the Provincial Director of Education, Andrei Armas Bravo.

Also, during this first stage families are being informed about the restart and closure of the current academic year as well as the provisions related to hygiene and physical distancing to be taken into consideration, added Armas.

According to the education official, in this post-pandemic phase the preparation of every school activity is essential for the coherent transition to recovery.

Texto de Radio Sancti Spíritus

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