July 24, 2021

Sancti Spíritus Has Spent 6 Million Pesos on COVID-19

Despite the country’s difficult financial situation, these expenses are a priority for the territory

rehabilitation hospital of sancti spiritus, cuba
rehabilitation hospital of sancti spiritus, cuba
In Sancti Spiritus, some isolation centers are still open.
(Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

Despite the well-known economic and financial limitations that exist in Cuba, the expenses on the COVID-19 pandemic are considered a state priority in Sancti Spiritus, where they already amount to nearly 6 million pesos.

This money has been used to support several concepts: the feeding of nearly 1 300 people kept in isolation centers, the wages of more than 100 doctors and 130 nurses, and medications, in addition to associated expenses such as electricity and fuel, said Carlos Gotera González, provincial director of Finances and Prices in this central Cuban province.

Expenses also included the transportation service offered to the people in the isolation centers, to the patients or suspected cases when discharged, and to the health workers living in other municipalities of the province, added Gotera.

“The health sector had an earmarked budget, but COVID-19 has been an additional contingency. Some isolation centers are still open. The execution of funds is decreasing but we are still supporting certain activities. We are estimating to reach 7.2 million pesos by the end of August”, said the official.

As a strategy for recovery, the Ministry of Finance and Prices has indicated minimizing the levels of expenses in Sancti Spiritus, with the only execution of what is vital and giving priority to salaries, budget contributions and fundamental activities in the area of medicine, food or essential repairs in budgeted sector institutions.

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