June 15, 2021

Sancti Spiritus Encourages Use of Solar Heaters

More than a hundred of these equipment has already been sold in this central Cuban territory, mostly in the cities of Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad

solar heaters
solar heaters
According to experts, these units heat about 130 liters of water daily at a temperature
of 50℃. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray).

Over a hundred solar heaters have been sold in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuban province, since the beginning of their commercialization in mid-December, last year.

The 90-litres capacity units are priced 2 945 Cuban pesos. Their assembly and installation are covered by personnel of the Copextel Enterprise.  

Customers interested in purchasing solar heaters can request a visit of Copextel experts who will verify in situ the conditions for the installation.

According to Madeline Valdivia Rojas, commercial specialist of that entity, once the equipment has been purchsed, Copextel has up to 20 days for its installation, nevertheless, the service has been actually carried out on the third or fourth day.

These devices, which must be placed where they receive at least six hours of sunshine per day, are said to heat about 130 liters of water daily at a temperature of 50℃. This represents approximately 80 percent of the consumption in a home.

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