July 24, 2021

Quarantine Ends but Distancing Continues in Sancti Spiritus Municipalities

For more than 20 days, seven areas of the municipalities of Taguasco and Cabaiguán, in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, obeyed strict isolation measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

cabaiguán no more in quarantine
cabaiguán no more in quarantine
The regions of Cabaiguán and Taguasco were isolated since last April 13th.
(Photo: Dayamis Sotolongo / Escambray).

Residents of Taguasco were finally able to leave their homes on Wednesday after the closing of the COVID-19 local transmission events which days ago imposed a strict quarantine in four areas of that territory, three in the urban district and fourth one in the People’s Council of Siguaney.

Something similar happened in three urban areas of Cabaiguán city —Pelayo Cuervo (Naranjal), Pueblo Nuevo and Canario Districts—, where a quarantine was applied since last April 13 due to the identification of successive cases confirmed with the disease.

Quarantine measures implied additional movement limitations for the people living in the isolated areas, which demanded particular care by the respective Municipal Defense Councils.

Sources from both municipalities confirmed what is also valid for the whole country: the cessation of quarantine does not mean free movement for the people of these areas, since they, like the rest of the jurisdiction, must comply with the provisions adopted by the Municipal Defense Council even more in these two territories, the most complicated ones in Sancti Spíritus: Cabaiguán with 29 cases and Taguasco with 21.

Alexis Reina Migueles, vice president of the Municipal Defense Council of Taguasco, told Granma that the two cases confirmed yesterday in that territory are two locals who recently returned from Ecuador and have no relation at all with the quarantined areas.

Texto de Juan Antonio Borrego

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