Paris Grants City of Honor Decoration to Lula da Silva

Dilma Roussef and Fernando Haddad will join Lula in the award ceremony

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lula to be awarded in france
Lula will also assist in a meeting with worldwide union leaders. (Photo taken from

Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, Brazilian ex-president, will receive the award “Paris’s Citizen of Honor” this Monday, as the main event in his commitments agenda in the French capital.

This decoration is for those who advocate for human rights, equity, against poverty and on behalf of the oppressed. Lula´s fight against social and economic inequities during his administration and as an activist were the main arguments for his recognition. 

The former president and Lula´s successor Dilma Roussef and the Brazilian PT candidate for last elections in 2018, Fernando Haddad, will join Lula on his award ceremony, in the Theatre du Gymnase. 

Anne Hidalgo, Paris’s Major, conferred the title to the former mandatary when he was released from prison last November. On her Twitter profile, Hidalgo published: “It is good to know that former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva has just been released. I hope to see him as soon as possible in Paris, where he is an honorary citizen”.   

Among other commitments, Lula will visit Marielle Franco’s Garden, a space that preserves the social activist legacy. Also, in March 6, the Brazilian leader will meet representatives of the World Council of Churches, an occasion to dialogue about social disparities, the main topic of his meeting with Pope Francis last February.  

In his agenda, the former Brazilian mandatary will also assist in a meeting with worldwide union leaders and participate with members of Lula Livre’s committees.  

Alongside Lula, the “Paris’s Citizen of Honor” title was given to the Indigenous kayapó leader Raoni Metuktire. The South African leader and social rights activist Nelson Mandela was also decorated with this award in 2013.

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