July 24, 2021

Medicine Students Support COVID-19 Fight in Sancti Spiritus (+photo)

Dozens of future health professionals pay daily visits to the different districts of the province

students receive counselling from family doctors' offices
medicine students support covid-19 fight in cuba
Medicine students carry out health inquiries in Sancti Spiritus districts.
(Photo: Oscar Alfonso / Escambray).

The working day begins early for them. For two weeks now, this has been every day’s life for Indira de la Caridad Venegas and Melissa Ramírez Méndez, two second-year students of the Medicine career, two protagonists of the door-to-door survey aimed at identifying the presence of diseases in the middle of the battle against COVID-19.

The survey questionnaire must be repeated in each of the houses visited: How many people live in the house? Does anyone have flu-like symptoms or fever? Is there anyone over 60 years old? These are some of the questions to be answered in the search of new coronavirus cases.

students receive counselling from family doctors' offices
The family doctors’ offices indicate and supervise the work of the medicine students. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso / Escambray).

Every day, Caridad and Melissa visit more than 100 families who, according to the girls, are under their care. Neighbors open their doors, like the old retired teacher who always waits for them at the usual time. “Because I know they care about me, and just for that I am grateful to those girls”, he said behind his mask.

“As we get closer to the houses, we maximize the measures of protection and for this purpose we wear the mask, we also stand more than one meter away from the people and we never leave behind the antibacterial or the hypochlorite lotions we should apply on our hands after knocking on every door”, the students added.

The future doctors highly appreciate the kindness of the neighbors, the congratulation message received from the country’s leadership for what they are doing and, as something special, the applauses of every night which they also feel their own.

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